Special Requests: What Would You to Produce Something Fun for Me?

I'll do short audio AI skits as gifts for others or something unique for your website. I'm crafting the art of the vernacular, so can play around with Cajun, Texan, and other American accents.

If you have something else in mind, pitch it to me and see if it flies. No question is a bad question.

Until further notice,
I'll work for tips, so there's no actual charge. I'll accept anything from ten dollars to ten thousand dollars. IT's a big range but don't feel hesitant to just do whatever you can because I positively would never feel offended by any amount.

As long as this box says I work for tips, I'll work strictly for tips.

How Can I Contact Sevenface Eve?

The skits will be posted to You Tube, where you can comment, like, and subscribe, sometime toward December of 2023. In the meantime, anyone may address comments or questions to me at contactlana@yahoo.com.

Can I Post and Share Your Audio Files?

Yes, but please credit me with ownership, that's all I ask. I own the licenses of all my creations. Everything you see here is my original creation. In the future I'll create Audiobooks, many of which will be sold through Amazon and other outlets.

Glad You're Enjoying these Skits!

Hey You Weird Kid, Do Your Parents Know You're Doing This?

Nope. But that's only because I'm a hot granny.