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Pro Snake (Fairly Obnoxious Adult Humor, Male Narrator)

Mild Profanity, Substance Intoxication. PG 13. Four parts totaling 12.7 minutes in length of Amateur AI Audio Performance

See audio player numbers 1-4. This First Ever AI Audio Production by LLB Landry visits the question, "How far would you go to protect your personal space in public?" The fictional spokesperson for Pro Snake took it up a few levels in this funny and bizarre informercial. "Introducing Pro Snake, the Automated Android Guardian of Your Personal Space... I brought my Pro Snake into an elevator, onto the New York Metro Bus, and inside the WalMart bathroom and here's what happened."


A Charming, Cozy-up Tale of Innocence and Cottage-Style Deception

Coming Soon. AUDIOBOOK 1 Hour

Introducing ZAP! Biker Dentures from OrthoZoom

We Guarantee That You'll Never Inadvertently Swallow Bugs Again!

Coming Soon. Rating Unknown. Length Under Five Minutes

Mad Vegetarian

A Touching and Relatable Comedy for Anyone Raised in the South

Coming Soon. Audiobook, 1.5 Hours. Vanessa's upbringing was an ongoing backyard barbeque, and every person she's ever known know eats meat. That could drive any vegetarian mad!